MESA (Mechanical Engineering Students Association)

MESA at BCOE was founded in 2013. The association was given official status by the department of Mechanical Engineering, BCOE on September 15th, 2013(Engineer's Day).

MESA is among the most active student bodies in the institute. Every Mechanical Engineering student beginning with the second year in the program at BCOE (Mechanical Department) is a member of MESA. Mentored by experienced faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering department, students take upon many initiatives that prepare them to face the challenges of the future.


The MESA was formed to bring about the technical development of students by organizing seminars, workshops and other activities.

Also to improve non-technical abilities of students by engendering good communication skills, managerial abilities, presentation skills and team work.

To Promote the interaction between academia and industry by organizing industrial visits, special lectures and facilitate in industrial training, Promoting the interests of students in various technical areas pertaining to mechanical engineering

To encourage students of the mechanical Engineering department to develop their personal skills, like event management & time management by organizing inter & intra Collegiate Events.

Activities (2015-16):

  • MESA played active role in the institute event, "Technostorm 2k16". Students along with faculty spearhead various technical competitions such as ROBO-WAR, ROBO-CON, CAR RACING (focusing on IC-Engines).
  • Other competitions leveraging industry oriented methods and software tools such as from the area of CAD, CAM and CAE are also held.