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Smart Cities can create sustainable economic development and superior quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas such as, cleanliness, economy, knowledge management, mobility, environment, transportation, energy conservation and governance. Excellence in these key areas can be achieved thru’ the development of strong human capital, social capital and ICT infrastructure. Housing is one of the most important issues influencing everyone, besides their sustainability, which should be integrated withthe design, construction and operation of buildings and their energy & waste management. Smart Health, parking and the Internet of Things (IoT) are also factors that would shape the creation of a framework for smart city. Smart Cities is a new initiative by the Government of India, whichseeks innovations to drive economic growth. The quality of life of people would be improved by enabling local development using technological infrastructure as a means to create smart outcomes. The purpose of this National Conference on Smart Cities (NCSC’17) is to bring together researchers, developers, scientists, professionals and practitionerswith expertise or enthusiasm to work in the field of Smart Cities, Eco friendly Information and Communication Technologies, Sustainability, Transportation, Green Energy Aware Systems and Technologies, so that various underlying and upcoming issues on Smart Cities can be discussed and debated.



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The Prime Minister is happy to learn that Bharat College of Engineering, Thane is organizing National Conference on the theme 'Smart Cities (NCSC17)' from 1 7th- 18th March, 2017. On this occasion, best wishes for the organizers and participants.

Narendra Modi
Message From PMO

I was pleased to learn about the National Conference on Smart Cities (NCSC'17) organised by Bharat College of Engineering, thane.Together as a Nation, we are at the helm of progressive climb. At such juncture, it is enssential to chart the course of progress for our cities and its people.I sincerely hope that the experts and the participants of this conference help in gaining a new insight for the holistic development of our cities.I extend my best for the success of this conference.Thank you.

Vinod Tawde
Minister for School Education,Sports and Youth Welfare, Higher and Technical Education, Marathi Bhasha, Cultural Affairs Minorities Develpoment and WAKF

I am pleased to know that Bharat College of Engineering, Badlapur is organizing National Conference on 'Smart Cities' during 17-18th March 2017. I am sure that this Conference, which brings together renowned scholars, academicians and researchers will be an influential forum for interesting and productive discussions. I am sure the sub-themes of the Conference will provide an opportunity to student and teacher researchers to learn some recent developments in the field. I hope the contents of the proceedings will go a long way in dissemination of knowledge in the field of engineering and technology. I congratulate the Management, Principal, staff and students of this Institution on this occasion and I wish the Conference a grand success.

Sanjay Deshmukh
Vice Chancellor
Mumbai University

It is indeed very heartening to know that Bharat College of Engineering, Badlapur (W), Tal. Ambernath, Dist Thane is organizing National Conference on 'Smart Cities (NCSC17)' during 17th and 18tl March, 2017. appreciate the progress of College of Engineering over the years and efforts in organizing this National Conference. am also happy to know that the National Conference has been meticulously planned to include all the stakeholders in engineering education like Teachers, Students, Corporate bodies, Industry experts and delegates from all over the world. I hope this National Conference will have quite useful deliberations, which will promote research and development in the field and will also strengthen the academic relationship with other countries. am sure that technical fraternity will be highly benefitted by the valuable inputs, excellent ideas and interactions for the growth of our great nation through this Conference. I wish all the best for the success of the National Conference and convey my Best Wishes to participants and organizers, I congratulate the Program Chair, Convener and entire staff of the College who have worked hard to make this conference a success,

Dr. Subhash K. Mahajan
Director, Technical Education
Maharashtra State,Mumbai

It is my singular pleasure and privilege to send a message of support and best wishes to the organisers and participants of the conference on "Smart Cities-17" being organised by Bharat College of Engineering, Badlapur on 17-18th March 2017. This conference will be a platform which brings Thoughts and Ideas from Research Scholars, Academicians, Industrialists & Technocrats into interesting and productive discussions which will be the outcome for the society. The sub-themes of the conference is already publicised and advertised by Government to make the people life healthy and comfortable. Now this is the time that researchers and scholars should contribute with their ideas to make this happen. This will also help the students to understand and learn the need of industries and to make their career in Engineering. I hope the contents of the research papers of all the authors will propagate the knowledge in the area of the desired field. There is no longer any youth and old age. We must continue to learn from each other, as we are all gathered here in this conference to overcome the challenges with advancing the great transition to a new civilization. I wish you all a very fruitful and rewarding conference. Wish you a great success!

Sanjay Kumar
Jt. Director, STPI
Ministry of Electronics & IT
Sec-29, Noida

It is a pleasure to congratulate the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Computer Science at Bharat College of Engineering Thane who has organized a two day “National Conference on Smart Cities 2017 (NCSC’17)” on 17th and 18th March 2017. Sustainability has become a buzzword across the world as resources on this planet have become scarce, and in some cases it has been eradicated due to over exploitation. We as humans have to create a sustainable environment for generations to come so that they can lead a comfortable life. Use of technology has to be extensively used in order to solve the burgeoning problems like energy management, access to clean water, general cleanliness, waste management and pollution control. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) has to be used to manage the city resources like banking, transportation, education, healthcare, water, wastewater, solid wastes, law enforcement and urban agriculture. I’m happy to see that Government of India has taken concrete steps in this direction through “Smart Cities Mission”. City governance has to be made citizen friendly and cost effective by creating online and smart processes. Development of smart phone applications to disseminate information and services to citizens can solve critical issues plaguing them. As a Civil Engineer by profession and an Academician by passion, it is our duty to optimize the construction resources during the design process. A civil engineer has to recycle and reuse the wastes generated during the construction process so that the natural resources can be leveraged for future generations. We as academicians have to induce the concept of sustainability and its economic value additions to the young minds through student projects. I believe that this conference will shed light on various aspects of sustainability and come up with solid solutions to implement smart cities in India. I wholeheartedly wish Dr. Ravi Prakash, convener of the conference and his team, best of luck for successfully arranging this much needed conference. I also thank him for providing me an opportunity to forward me this message through this proceeding.

Mr. Shyam Agasthya
Faculty of Department of Built and Natural Environment
Caledonian College of Engineering
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

GISFI was established as standardization body for mobile communication for India in 2009. It is recognized by ministry of communication and IT department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India. During its inception the application of technology for betterment of Indian social life was the goal. Honourable PM has given a boost of this concept in the form of make in India and smart city. The digitalization is synchronizing the world. Today the number of connected devices has surpassed the number of humans on the planet. These intelligent devices generate massive amounts of data transforming life and business across all sectors of life. However, much infrastructure has yet to be transformed by the information age. Instead, in most places, trains, power systems, buildings, buses, and roads have hardly changed in nature. Some digital systems have been incorporated but we have only just begun to unlock the potential of fully digitized, electrified, information-enabled, intelligent infrastructure. Doing so will be key to meet the world’s present and future sustainable development challenges. GISFI is playing an effective role to meet the challenges that cities of the future face: maintaining, modernizing and upgrading an ageing urban infrastructure. I am happy to know that Bharat College of Engineering is organizing National Conference on Smart Cities (NCSC’17) on Mar 17-18 2017. The theme of the conference gives the platform to deliberate the work done in this area by researcher, academia and Industries. GISFI extend its best wishes to organizing team of “national conference on smart cities (NCSC`17)

Dr. Dhananjay K. Singh
Vice President
Administration & Finance

Smart city is a catchphrase. The strategy to convert cities into smart cities is essential to foster economic growth. The developments will enhance faster growth and improve the quality of life of the people. The use of modern technology will bring about the urban revolution of the 21st century. Bharat College of Engineering is committed to encourage young researchers in contributing their bit towards the development of society by using technology. I wish all the participants and the organizing committee on behalf of the management a fruitful and enlightening conference.

Prof S S Hegde
Secretary & Trustee

It’s a great pleasure that Bharat College of Engineering has been organizing National Conference on Smart Cities (NCSC’17) on 17th & 18th March 2017. Bharat College of Engineering, Badlapur was established in the year 2010 with a definite mission to empower the students to be creative, innovative, technologically upgraded and to make them competent professionals. The primary motive of NCSC’17 is to serve as an ideal platform for academicians, researchers, engineers and scientists to exchange their expertise in the field of Smart City Solutions, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Green Energy Systems, Internet of Things (IOT), and Transportation. Smart Cities deploy intelligent urban systems at the service of socio-economic development and improving urban quality of life. Conference initiatives can help overcome the limitations of traditional urban development that tends to manage urban infrastructure systems. By leveraging the pervasive character of data and services offered by digital technologies, such as Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, or Open Data, they help connect different city stakeholders, improve citizen involvement, offer new and enhance existing services, and provide context-aware views on city operations. I wish all the best to the participants & Organizing committee of NCSC’17 . I thank all sponsors for their support. I hope this conference NCSC’17 will be enjoyable, memorable, and productive for participants and looking forward to the technological innovations that result from your networking and discussions.

Dr. S. N. Barai
Program Chair
Principal,Bharat College Of Engineering

I take this privilege to introduce you our National Conference on Smart Cities (NCSC'17) during 17-18 March 2017. Smart City innovations are new approaches to holistic management of cities’ physical, socio-economic, environmental, transportation and political assets across all urban domains, typically supported by ICT and open data. After Government of India (GoI) announcement of developing 100 Smart Cities across the country, issues around being discussed now. Smart Cities are sustainable with a high quality of life and economic performance. To achieve this, requires a shared vision of all stake holders -citizens, public and private organizations and many others. This conference promises to be an invigorating consequence of the best brains from the academia and the industry. The deliberation would include experts and scholarship on Smart technologies, their applications, strategies, and policies for the betterment of quality of life in cities. Once again I welcome you all to this conference. Thank you.

Dr. Ravi Prakash

Conference Proceedings ISBN :978-93-5267-963-8

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